Terry Stockner

Bar none, Dr. Alexiou is top notch. Want to know why? keep reading. For years I have dealt with having 3 to 4 sinus infections a year. I went through all the options with my family doctors and even started allergy shots to try to get through this. The allergy treatment definitely helped, however I was still having infections at least 3 times a year. Then I started to have major sinus migraines. That intense pain that requires you to concentrate to even speak, let alone function. I was sent to Dr. Alexiou for evaluation. The office visit immediately diagnosed my problem, as Dr. Alexiou was not able to inspect my sinuses due to a major issue. His immediate response was, “When did you break your nose?” “What do you mean?” “I cannot insert the scope as far as I need. Your nose has been broken at some point.” Granted I have had my fair share of bang ups, backyard football and all, however they were nothing that I thought I broke my nose. Sure enough, an MRI latter showed, my sinuses were majorly blocked. Nobody wants to have sinus surgery, yet I am here to tell you it was well worth it! I was uncomfortable for a couple of days. Dr. Alexiou guided my wife and I through the minor recovery and the final results were amazing. I am now like a normal person. I still get the occasional sinus infection, like everyone else, however I no longer have to take major doses of antibiotics!! The difference is literally night and day. Dr Alexiou took the time to solve my issues with a true sincere desire to make my pain go away. He still does to this day. When I do have to see him, once a year or so, we still joke about the fact I am allergic to dogs and my current wife and her dog was a package deal…. decisions, decisions. I do love the dog… Any way. I know sinus pain. I know the fear of sinus surgery. Let go of the fear and let him take the pain away.